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Series-25 Pressure Gauges

Series25Accu-Drivepressure gauges

Details Series 25 pressure gauges

The Series 25 Accu-Drive pressure gauges incorporate the 3D Instruments signature “direct drive difference” Inconel helical bourdon tube system. The “direct drive technology” concept couples the bourdon tube directly to the shaft-pointer, thereby streamlining the design and reducing the number of moving parts from approximately twelve down to one!! Thirty years of industrial application have proven that this design is vastly superior to the C-bourdon tube/movement system incorporated in the traditional pressure gauges…especially for vibration and pulsation!!

Series-25 2.5″ Test Gauges

Series-25 2.5" Test Gauges

Additional Features

Carry a six-year warranty

Provide accuracy, reliability and durability

Provide longer, useful life to the user

Reduce overall cost to the user

Never need recalibration – Maintain accuracy throughout the life of the gauge

Withstand extremes in vibration, shock, temperature and other harsh environments.